Hamster Blocks

Hamster Blocks

Free puzzle game with cute hamsters


  • Original, funny characters
  • Suitable for children


  • Only one game mode
  • Feels a bit repetitive

Not bad

Hamster Blocks is a puzzle game that follows the traditional scheme of this genre; that is, arrange falling color pieces in such a way that you put together at least three of them with the same color, so that they disappear from the screen and you earn points.

The main difference here is that instead of color boxes, jewels or any other geometrical figures, you'll play with little nice hamsters that will fall from the top of your screen while making funny noises. This circumstance makes the game great for children.

Each level in the game is finished after a given number of lines. At the same time, the game challenges you to complete a word by collecting the letters that some of the hamsters carry in their paws. However, since there's only one game mode, Hamster Blocks tends to become repetitive after a while.

An easy, fun puzzle, especially recommended for children to learn colors and new words.

Welcome to Hamster Land - a land inhabited by small furry playful animals that like having fun. These creatures came up with an exciting game. Now you can join too!

Did you know that hamsters are literate? Here, they have put together a whole crossword puzzle! How about trying to solve it? Just download the game and have a try...

Hamster Blocks


Hamster Blocks

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